Socializing the testing platform for the community.
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A platform for testers

In the emerging trend of building communities in finding solutions, Acute angle changed the traditional practice of testing an application in a facility. Acute angle provided a platform for a community of testers to engage alongside moderators to implement effective testing in business products making it more liable for the business owners.

Our comprehensive call was to understand the sophistication involved in networking these people as a community and develop a web application as a medium of interaction. Conceptual studies were carried out to understand the roles and responsibilities of the users.

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Efficient test reports and constant support

Acute angle's perseverance towards online testing was turning the odds. It paved the way for a lot of business owners with an instant solution. Consistent test reports and the constant support provided by the application was so compelling that it helped the business owners to develop their product more efficiently. The test reports undergo a two-level verification process which made them so accurate, that it was reliable enough by the business owners to proceed further.

On the other hand, it provided an opportunity for young testers out there for an experience exposure. Their ability in finding bugs and fixes made them recognized by the business owners of various ventures, thus Acute angle provided career growth opportunities for these talented testers and moderators. Unlike any other community platforms, Acute Angle broke the monotony of online community solutions. It made providing solutions more interesting by implementing a gamified experience for the testers, allowing them to earn points based on their problem solving and their engagement with the community. This kind of conceptualization was much compelling among the community that it made Acute angle one of the best community platforms.

Sophisticated web application

Initially, our team brainstormed the sophistication involved behind acute angle and differentiated them into three modules, namely the testers, the moderators and the business owners. Our fundamental principle was to develop the access control in such a way that the complete domain is accessible specifically by the authorized backend personnel of acute angle.

Based on the nature of the user and their positions, our developers devised individual login and dashboards, this allowed them to keep track of their testing modules and served as a medium of communication with other members of the community. As a conclusive model, we developed Acute angle as the most engaged testing community platform.

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