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Service to sustain relationships

Chargebee is a subscription billing management company, their view towards subscription management changed the tangling billing of businesses to ease. Chargebee's idea was to provide its clients with a product or service that allows their clients to sustain a healthy relationship with their customers, but they were looking for an intermediary content to communicate with their clients. Chargebees's insights towards the job allowed them to better understand their client's subscriptions, compliance, security, payments and provide constant support accordingly, thus making billing subscription frictionless.

As a part of the content team, we had to understand their perception of subscription billing. Our hurdle was to create video content to acknowledge the clients for better utilization of Chargebees's services. This kind of approach was very much compelling as we were able to express much information and keep them as simple as it could be.

Transparent service

Billings have always been spaghetti, but Chargebee's innovation in untangling them was a game changer as an outcome they had numerous unique features but, we focused on their key characteristics namely Time Machine, Integrating with Xero and Checkout each had its benefits which gave business owners with an opportunity to provide their clients with transparent service. Time Machine is an analytical tool which allows anyone to travel back in time to forecast the billing details of their business and how chargebee would do justice on integrating their business with its environment. It also provides a simulation feature which imitates the key characteristics, behaviours and functions of the billing configurations and also facilitates the integration testing process by carrying out subscription renewals, dunning, webhooks etc.

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform. Chargebee appropriated Xero by integrating with them to provide its clients with a simplified and automated subscription invoices, this provided Chargebee's clients, with organized financial data. Checkout is another captivating feature. It is an in-app characteristic that allows clients to set up their customized subscription environment. The conventional quality of checkout is that allows third-party integration such as card, PayPal, direct debit via GoCardless, ACH via stripe and plaid without redirecting to payment portals.

Formulating a minimalistic animated video

We had an important criterion, which was to understand the client's perspective of the content. Hence we decided to design the content on the aspects of minimalism. We formulated an animated video content that surfaced all the features of Chargebee. Taking into account the client's perception of following the steps involved, we conceived individual content for each feature of Chargebee. We defined our work structure and iterated through numerous stages of production.

PRE-PRODUCTION It is so imperative to understand the requirements, hence we had a briefing session to unveil the concepts followed by the visual development, we created a storyboard. Eventually, chargebee endorsed the storyboard and the concept. PRODUCTIONOur designers made their best endeavours to cast the concept with an artwork of illustrations and conceptualized them to a 2D animated video. POST-PRODUCTIONOur video editors then moulted the content by embedding the voice and audio content alongside the video conclusively a double soundcheck was made.