Reinventing the try and buy experience with customizable interface.
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Efficient UI and Re-engineering

House of blouse is a traditional boutique of this era that focuses on the exposure of ethnic custom made blouse on the aspects of a millennial women’s fashion. In this day and age, their innovative perception towards women’s fashion made them exhibit their skills on bringing the presence of online tailoring making it an efficient work of fashion and design. HOB’s online presence was felt but it required some elements of craftsmanship involved in e-commerce development and design interpretation. Our mission was to re-engineer their website on the aspects of performance, UI/UX and whole new experience for online customization. But our greater challenge was to optimize the site based on performance without any lack of user experience and with an intense feeling of fabrics.

User-specified customization

With this generation looking for an easy and efficient way to explore a variety of fashion, introducing online tailoring is an effective strategy towards producing a flagship service.

House of Blouse is an e-commerce product that tailors hand-sewn blouses which are customisable. It allows its users to choose from a wide range of fabrics and customize them based on their interests. HOB provides its customers with various options, where “made to measure” is a unique feature which allows the user to choose from various designs of the blouse by means of looks and cuts. “Filter by occasion” displays fabrics that are associated with custom and tradition. Further moving on to the sidegrade option allows the users to understand the size and fit based on age and other criteria.

Modernistic and tailored

We worked alongside the team at HOB in order to analyze and understand the aspects of their business to provide them with better solutions, as a result, we redesigned their e-commerce site by providing users with a customizable interface which allows the user to choose the required threads from the available set of designs patterns which are handpicked from the desires of the younger generation.

Moreover, we ensured that HOB’s works are based on the bespoke of “generation Y” choice of interests. Hence we developed the application interface in a way that provides size option which serves to the younger generations desires. Additionally, we provided them with a complete makeover of the front and rear view of the completed design. This was completely designed based on the aspects of tailoring such as style, patterns, fabrics and designs.

Therefore, giving them a clear cut vision and feels towards an item of tailored clothing. To make customizing natural and also to provide users with such customizing possibilities, we took a step forward and worked on the aspects of image conversion, reflecting the changes by updating the canvas and loaded the entire site with illustrations as scalable vector graphics which helped in optimization while updating canvas, as a result, it upgraded the performance.

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