Salai M Rajan
Analytics / SEO Manager

A very convincing and a jovial person is what this person is about, our SEO analyst. He does multi-tasking and meets up all its ends successfully. Another optimistic person at or premises. He keeps motivating all of us. The first person to hit like and share for all our posts is just him. A very calculative personality. Well, he even calculates in building up his arms and muscles. He has got a superlative English knowledge. He’s got a lot of female fan-followers and he is the chocolate boy for all the girls there. Salz is how we call him. With no further ado, he is the laziest of all. Well don’t worry if you want your business to reach greater heights through online, then you’ll have to start with SEO for he is the social media programmer.

Nirmal Ayyappan
Marketing Intern

The one who does anything and everything on this planet to just know how crazy things are around. Something or the other just keeps pulling his brain, when I say that it means he is a day dreamer. Lol! He’s of a musical brain and a head of happiness. He’s also the lively person at our office and never fails to put a smile on our faces by cracking some lame but best jokes. He says his dance is good but only we know that his moves are the ones at which you can play the game of Tomatina!! As for his realism so is his profession who keeps touring on companies. He’s quick and sharp at work. He’s feeble but has a motivating spirit in him. A personality who loves doing social service..

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