Gone are the days when individuals used to travel around the world with maps, guidebooks and strange printed pieces of stuff for directions, general information or anything for that matter. People mostly used to rely on travel bloggers when it comes to researching new destinations and finding ideas or had to depend on the travel agents to make proper arrangements for the trip. But fortunately, those days have lapsed. Assembling trip details with an Excel travel itinerary template or a Google doc itinerary template can be time-consuming.

Technology has played a major role in uplifting the tourism industry. The revolutionary transformation in this industry is thanks to the handy mobile applications. Presently with the evolving situation, the cast majority of the tour operating companies have developed their own travel apps and constantly offer attractive discounts and other facilities to charm potential customers.

What does a travel planner itinerary do

Crafting an itinerary for your trip can be both fun and overwhelming. What are the places one must visit or skip? How much time one should spend at the museum, and how close is it to that cafe you want to check out? And how can one keep all the ideas and bookings neatly organized?

A travel itinerary planner app composes all travel itineraries and documents so that one can have everything in one place before reaching the destination. The app goes further in giving you a custom-fitted interface to make it simple to add accurate travel details for your trip and be done in just a few minutes. It also offers customized tours, guides and maps, and shows restaurants and/or landmarks that are close to your hotel. Simply have the reservations automatically sent to the travel planner app, which will let one view travel confirmations, flight itineraries, tickets, hotel reservations, and driving directions in one place. Based on the number of days you plan to spend at a destination, the app offers recommended sightseeing guides. The app consequently assembles nearby attractions together and lets you know how far apart they are. You can likewise book tours and get general travel information about the destination through the app.

Customized services could include tour packages for several purposes, be it a corporate or a fun trip. Furthermore, travel agents have become quite conscious of paying attention to the specific needs and priorities of their clients. A strict eye is necessary on what the present interest of the market is and then design travel packages accordingly that suits different sets of people.

Advantages of travel planner apps

One significant change that mobile applications have offered to the tourism industry is that it has diminished the process of paperwork. Since smartphones are convenient and portable, one can save the soft copies, important documents and other things within your mobile. In addition, after the arrival of applications, the formalities related to travel booking has also reduced. Some of the top travel planner apps are TripIt, Google Trips, etc.


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There is absolutely no doubt that mobile apps have become one of the most essential aspects of the travel and tourism industry. Being the seventh most downloaded mobile applications, it enhances it all the more. With all the information given instantly, a travel planner itinerary is a godsend for travellers and even an average user for that fact. Simply put, it does not get any easier than this to map out an entire trip.