If you've heard that video marketing is the future, then you've heard right. According to recent statistics, 60% of the businesses have started using video marketing as a part of their marketing strategy. Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, most of the content that's present is a video. Millions of people are scrolling through their social media feeds or watching online videos. Video content is easily absorbed and provides actionable responses from consumers. That's an opportunity to reach millions of customers every minute.

Marketers have realized that video marketing not only heightens brand awareness but also helps brands connect with their target audience. In a recent poll, more than 50% voted to see more video related information from brands. Incorporating video content in their marketing strategies is crucial to stay competitive and relevant. Videos allow you to communicate detailed information in a short amount of time. Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate videos in your marketing strategies.

Increases Engagement

Videos are extremely easy to consume, especially because humans are highly visual creatures. Written content has never been more attractive than videos. Consumers don't want to see long descriptions, they want to see the product in action.

Consumers don't want to see long descriptions, they want to see the product in action. Crafting information-dense, easy-to-understand and accessible videos, brands can develop a significant online following. Videos engage even the laziest buyers.

Appeals to Mobile Users

The number of smartphones is growing exponentially, and people like to watch videos on the go. Over 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. YouTube reports show a 100% increase in video content consumption every year. Being sensitive to the consumer's experience on their smartphones is something brands need to be careful about while crafting their video content.

Builds Trust

Consumers gain more confidence in your brand when they see your product or team in videos. Building long-term relationships with your consumers is a goal on its own. Video is an incredible way to evoke emotions, unlike any other medium.

Increases conversions and boosts sales

Videos can lead directly to sales. Recent studies show that over 80% of customers are more likely to purchase after watching a product video. Crafting an exciting video for your brand is important. Brands that used video marketing effectively see the highest numbers. Simply put, videos offer detailed description in a short amount of time which creates trust and eventually leads to conversions.

Improves Search Engine Ranking

Top search engine companies prioritize video content when updating algorithms. Posting videos on blogs, social media and your website increases your chances of hitting your target audience and ranking higher. Google algorithms prioritize pages with video content ranks them higher in their search results. For your video SEO effort, make sure you: 
  •  Keep videos short
  •  Create high-quality thumbnails
  •  Optimize videos
  •  Transcribe your video script

Wrap Up

Video marketing is projected to only keep growing because it’s inexpensive, friendly and quite simply, it works. It will be critical for brands to incorporate video into their content marketing strategy to stay competitive and relevant.